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Family Christmas 2012

Chad and Tiff's tree 2012 Tiffany's lamp


Sophia & her babydoll lamp & family room

A lovely morning at home with our grown children.

Then a short trip to see nephews & their families.

There, beautiful decorations, children galore & lots of of Christmas joy.

What a great day.


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Dove of Peace


photo © ASMcClain

Beautiful dove of peace to some.

To me, a reminder of my mother, gone twenty years.

The hostess, the warm heart of the family,

Who always adorned our Christmas Tree with birds.

Merry Christmas, Mom.


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Home for the Holidays…..


Photos © ASMcClain

Being invited into friends’ homes is such a blessing.

Hospitality means so much more than gifts, especially when people are feeling lonely or have had major changes in their lives.
Last night, my holiday celebration began with two small gatherings in friends’ homes, and it was lovely.  A relaxed time together with friends, no pressure to impress one another, just hanging out & enjoying good food & beverages, conversation, music, and some dancing.

The light and warmth of love

surrounded our gatherings.

May you have many blessings this holiday season as well.



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Thanksgiving Tree 2012

Our hospital Music Therapy department and Pastoral Care team joined together to create a Thanksgiving experience for staff and patients.  A professional cellist offered deep resonate tones of music through the main entrance hall for an hour two days before Thanksgiving, while the scent of cinnamon, lemon, ginger and honey filled the air. After the musical event, the Thanksgiving Tree was moved to a special table outside the Chapel. Branches and die-cut leaves gave people the opportunity to create a Thanksgiving Tree filled with their intentions. By Thanksgiving day, the branches were covered with expressions of gratitude, prayers, memories, anticipation.


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