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Family Christmas 2012

Chad and Tiff's tree 2012 Tiffany's lamp


Sophia & her babydoll lamp & family room

A lovely morning at home with our grown children.

Then a short trip to see nephews & their families.

There, beautiful decorations, children galore & lots of of Christmas joy.

What a great day.


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Wishing You Peace & Joy

 all photos © ASMcClain



        Peace & Joy To All !


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Prayers for Newtown, CT

Prayers for Newtown, CT.


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Prayers for Newtown, CT

Prayers for Newtown, CT

Beyond belief, our hearts break.
There are no words to say how
angry, sad, repulsed we are
to learn of another tragic school massacre.

This time, the youngest children suffered
— so did their teachers and dedicated adults
who wanted to protect against bullets and rage.

We lift our prayers — what else is there to do in this moment?

Lord of all, guide those who will respond
to this tragedy. Protect all children around
the world — allow them to learn and grow
without the threat of violence. And most of
all, bind us together in compassion.

May the Spirit of Love overcome the
forces of Evil everywhere.


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Dove of Peace


Dove of Peace.

photo © ASMcClain

Beautiful dove of peace to some.

To me, a reminder of my mother, gone twenty years.

The hostess, the warm heart of the family,

Who always adorned our Christmas Tree with birds.

Merry Christmas, Mom.


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Daily Photo Challenge: Imitation as Flattery

Daily Photo Challenge: Imitation as Flattery

photo embellished with Windows Paint © ASMcClain

I love this metal wall decor at my friend’s house. It’s flat, one color and sits above the kitchen table. Every time I see it, I think of it as a large canvas that needs to be colored in. So I took a picture & colored it in on my computer. I may print it off and put it on a card for Christmas from our family to hers. Imitation is a form of flattery, right?


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A Simple Prayer for All of Us

A Simple Prayer for All of Us

photo © ASMcClain

One last post from the Thanksgiving Tree,

before we move full swing into the

end of year holiday celebrations……

a loving expression from a recent

former international refugee,

now proud U.S. citizen.



May we all be blessed with

peace, health & abundant love

in the the coming year.


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