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Graceful Pen Holder

photo © ASMcClain

photo © ASMcClain


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Crazy Creative Fun

Crazy Creative FunPhotos © ASMcClain

Weird photo? No problem.

It’s a great opportunity to play with a
paint program. This is my version of a child’s finger painting.


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Home for the Holidays…..


Photos © ASMcClain

Being invited into friends’ homes is such a blessing.

Hospitality means so much more than gifts, especially when people are feeling lonely or have had major changes in their lives.
Last night, my holiday celebration began with two small gatherings in friends’ homes, and it was lovely.  A relaxed time together with friends, no pressure to impress one another, just hanging out & enjoying good food & beverages, conversation, music, and some dancing.

The light and warmth of love

surrounded our gatherings.

May you have many blessings this holiday season as well.



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Daily Photo Challenge: Imitation as Flattery

Daily Photo Challenge: Imitation as Flattery

photo embellished with Windows Paint © ASMcClain

I love this metal wall decor at my friend’s house. It’s flat, one color and sits above the kitchen table. Every time I see it, I think of it as a large canvas that needs to be colored in. So I took a picture & colored it in on my computer. I may print it off and put it on a card for Christmas from our family to hers. Imitation is a form of flattery, right?


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A Simple Prayer for All of Us

A Simple Prayer for All of Us

photo © ASMcClain

One last post from the Thanksgiving Tree,

before we move full swing into the

end of year holiday celebrations……

a loving expression from a recent

former international refugee,

now proud U.S. citizen.



May we all be blessed with

peace, health & abundant love

in the the coming year.


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Celebrate What’s Next!

  Shema Group -- big heart & soul friends

L.L.’s birthday……L.P.1

A gathering to eat together,

Listen, Laugh, Bless Our Friend

          With Hearts Full of Love,

                         Listening  to A Soul’s Journey.


  Gifts of  Beads to Remember This Day.


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The Cheerful Guardian

The Cheerful Guardian.


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